Reconstruction of the sky Күкне торгызу

How the children of Almetyevsk see.
Mehdi Ghadyanloo (Tehran, Iran)
What vision of the future did the artist offer in his work.
123 Lenin Street
Reconstruction of the sky
Чем для татарской культуры является традиционное пожелание счастья «Котлы булсын!»
Как это пожелание стало произведением современного искусства
Роман Kreemos (Подольск, Россия)
Белоглазова, 46
Күкне торгызу
In this work, the artist started from an essay about the
future, which was imagined by 10 th grade students at
School 25 in Almetyevsk.
Ekaterina Chernyshova
A 10th grade student
Almetyevsk tomorrow
Every day, our hometown thrives thanks to the collective efforts of the residents of Almetyevsk. In a relatively short period of time, Almetyevsk has changed significantly: the shore of the city lake now
really looks like a beach. Bicycle lovers have good conditions for movement, and indeed the number of cyclists has increased markedly. More and more trees are planted along the roads, which is of great importance for the ecology of the city as a whole. A lot
of work is being done to improve the buildings and empty areas of the city. Walking in the evening, intentionally or not, you begin to imagine the future of the city, to imagine Almetyevsk as it may be tomorrow. Immediately there is an image of a green city: trees
and shrubs are planted everywhere, thanks to which the air is cleaner. There are not many cars on the streets, because residents prefer bicycles and scooters. The walls of houses and buildings are painted in bright colors and decorated with drawings, new parks and open-air cinemas have appeared. Having looked around, you understand that the future is very close by, and, just a bit more, and you will have to fantasize grander, because Almetyevsk is developing, and developing rapidly.
A meeting of the writer and project curator Lev
Murzenko with 10 th grade students from School 25.
Vlada Agakerimova
A 10th grade student
Sometimes it seems that our city does not need transformation. Therefore, you need to give free rein to imagination. I would like to see more exotic plants in the city and just want to see our city green; after all, it's so beautiful! I also want to see more fast food establishments, shopping and entertainment centers. There isn't enough bowling - they closed it and built another supermarket, of which there are many in our city. In our city there are very few places where you could go and sit with friends, have a good time. I
would like to see graffiti on the walls of our houses. This would make our city brighter! I really love music, and especially love to listen to it live! I'd love to hear Russian and foreign artists in our city. Our city is booming, and I really want us to not stop there!
Almetyevsk. 2018
Art form: mural
Method: imp art
Material: acrylic spray paint

Ital. Mural — wall

Monumental wall painting created on the façade or blank wall of a building or other urban architectural object.
From "impossible art"
It was not by chance that we invited Mehdi to work in Tatarstan: fragments of Persian culture are part of the cultural code of these places. Mehdi is an illusionist artist, but he not only works with painting, but also often acts as an ambassador, talking about how art in the city can give hope. We felt that the ladder in this work can be seen as a metaphor for moving into the future: reaching the ceiling of his development, a person does not stop, but continues on his way.
Working on the mural. 2018
Polina Yozh
Project director, curator, founder of the Institute for Research on Street Art
Mehdi Ghadyanloo (Tehran, Iran)
"This work interacts with people in the context of a city built by the Soviet Union, and I believe that public art can be painkiller for such cities."

Mehdi Ghadyanloo is an an Iranian artist working in the genre of "imp art" (from the English "impossible, art"). In his optical illusions, he is inspired by Magritte and explores the symmetry and three-dimensionality of a two-dimensional image, creating mathematical constructions in the form of murals or canvases. Between 2004 and 2010, over 100 murals appeared in the Iranian capital Tehran as part of the Utopian Tehran Project. People's hopes are a cross-cutting theme of Mehdi's work in other countries: examples include the Spaces of Hope mural in Dewey Square Park, Boston, and his painting in the main hall of the Davos World Economic Forum conference center was given the name Finding Hope. "Reconstruction of the sky" is his first work in Russia.
"Finding Hope". World Economic Forum, Davos, 2019
"Reconstruction of the sky"
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